Single Origin of the Week: Indian Mysore Nuggets

Here's the rundown on our single origin coffee of the week from India.

Cupping Notes:

"Aroma of fermented fruit, berry and nut. Smooth mouth feel, medium plus body. Tart cherry softens to fruit-toned chocolate and a hint of aromatic wood (think cedar). Long sweet finish.

Farm Information: 

  • Mysore Nuggets
  • Baba Budan 

Baba Budan is from the Chamundi Hills of Mysore, is reflected in these large, exotic Arabica beans that make this rare, premium specialty coffee, a connoisseur’s delight.

These wonderful and exotic coffees are prepared from washed Arabicas grown in the regions of Chikmagalur, Coorg, Biligiris, Bababudangiris and Shevaroys. The beans are very large, uniform bluish-green in colour, with a clean polished appearance. In the cup, the coffee exhibits full aroma, medium to good body, good acidity and fine flavour, with a hint of spice. This is a rare, premium coffee and truly represents the best quality coffee from India.


Varietal Info:

Cauvery: Popularly known as Catimor, Cauvery is a descendant of a cross between ‘Caturra’ and ‘Hybrido-de-Timor’. Caturra is a natural mutant of the famous Bourbon variety. Thus, Cauvery inherited the high yielding and superior quality attributes of Caturra and the resistance of ‘Hybrido-de-Timo

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