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We've been running Kai Coffee for just over three years now and it's been an amazing journey along the way. We started with a small one kilo roaster at home as an experiment to see if we could use coffee to raise funds to support children in developing nations. The experiment worked and three years later we are donating about $1,000 a month towards an orphanage in Uganda and sponsoring 8 children with World Vision Australia. About a year after we started Kai, our small roaster wouldn't keep up with the demand so we hired one of Australia's best specialty coffee roasters to roast for us. Along with great coffee came horrible margins and though we've wanted to give more, we just couldn't continue to afford to run the business and up our giving. That said, now that we have a solid customer base and nearly 16 cafes in Australia serving Kai, we are ready to bring the roasting back in-house and increase that margin so we can give more. That's where you come in! We are committing to double our giving from one dollar, to two dollars for every kilo we roast on our new roaster. In order to do that we need to pay to have it installed at our warehouse which is quite expensive. We need to raise $11,000 to cover our fit out (sealing the walls and floors, installing sinks etc), council application fees, as well as the purchase and installation of the flue system for the building. Above and beyond our target budget, we would greatly appreciate your generosity because we would use that money to pay down the finance loan we have already received for the roaster (an additional $25,000). 

We thank you so much for your consideration and hope that you will partner with us and make this dream a reality for us and the children we sponsor around the world. 


The Kai Coffee Family

Check out the project: click HERE

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