Welcome to the Kai Blog!

It's finally here! We've been working hard to set up an online resource for coffee lovers around Australia and the world, and today we are excited to begin that journey with you! Here's our goal: we want to use this blog to educate, debate, analyze and otherwise go crazy in the pursuit of discovering any and all information on our favorite piece of agriculture in the world. The coffee bean.

The complexity of coffee is astounding. Everything matters. Where does the coffee come from? Who grew it and what practices are they implementing to ensure the highest quality? What processesing methods where used and how will that affect the roast? Who is roasting the beans and on what equipment? What is the best roasting profile that will draw out the unique qualities of that specific bean? Lastly, how to then prepare the roasted bean in such a way that each of the previous steps can be joined together to create an amazing experience in the cup? It's complex, it's an art, it demands creativity, and it is our passion at Kai Coffee. 

As passionate as we are about coffee we are equally concerned with the ethical practices at the point of origin. We do our best to ensure the highest standards of ethical practices in these nations but from our perspective, that's not enough. We want to give back to the global community by working with different NGO's and projects in developing nations by sponsoring children in need and raising awareness. As you follow this blog and our story as a company, we will continue to research and share our findings about what's going on in our world, and how we can help. 

Feel free to hit us up on our facebook page to stay up to date http://facebook.com/kaicoffee or shoot us an email with questions and feedback. info@kaicoffee.com 


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