Changing the World Through Coffee: Ak-Tiv Bar

We started this company five years ago with a passion to use the world's 2nd largest traded commodity to generate funds to help children in poverty. It's been a wild ride and we are finally starting to see some great momentum building. Today was one of those days! During our weekly deliveries one of our cafes, Ak-Tiv Bar Maroochydore, handed us a massive tip jar which said, "Tips for Sponsor Children."

The thing was so heavy I almost dropped it! I asked them how they did this and they said their customers had been giving for months. I was so amazed by the generosity and when I got home we opened it up and began to count a LOT of coins and even some bills.

All up they raised $280 which we donated to our children's home in Uganda called, The Shepherd Center. I know that blessed them so much becuase they were just in the the process of paying for the school fees of the 22 children we support there, but unfortunately they were short a few hundred dollars! How amazing that the generosity of the patrons of Ak-Tiv Maroochydore could literally change the lives of five Ugandan boys and allow them to pay for school fees... There are no words other than, "Thank You!". Thank you Ak-Tiv for allowing us to be your roaster. For every kilo they buy from us, we dontate $2 to their sponsor child with Compassion Australia as well as financially fund The Sheperd Center in Uganda. Thank you to the many amazing customers of Ak-Tiv that buy their amazing healthy food and delicious coffee!


If you haven't been to Ak-Tiv in Maroochydore or Mooloolaba, check them out this week! Amazing people and incredible food. Check out their Instagram for more info and let's keep changing the world through coffee!!! 

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