Barista Training 201

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Advanced Barista Training Course 201

Are you wanting to take your coffee knowledge to the next level? Do you want to know the craft and science behind extraction and flavour development in brewing? Our Barista 201 course is for you. 

For the first half of the class we will talk about flavour profiles in coffee. We will take you through a real cupping session with coffee's from around the world. Learn the difference between different processing methods and varietals of coffee beans. Learn the basics about major coffee producting countries and what to expect from different regions and producers. 

Next, we will talk about major roasting styles and flavour development in the roast. We will teach you how to analyze different coffee's you might recieve as a barista and begin to think through what you can do make that coffee shine. 

Finally we will spend the second hour of the class experimenting with several unique single origins and blends to pull out specific flavours, add and reduce body, add and reduce acidity, discuss the reasons for up and down dosing, brew temperature and the advantages and dissadvantages of pre-infusion. 

Each participant will leave with 2 x 250g of single origin beans. 


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