Kenya Gondo AA

About Gondo AA:

The Gondo wet mill is operated by the New Kiriti Farmers Cooperative Society, which is comprised of 560 members.

Timely and selective hand picked cherry is delivered to the Gondo wet mill the same day it is picked. Cherry sorting is carried out at the wet mill prior to the pulping. The ripe cherries are processed through the wet processing method that utilizes clean water from Kananahu stream. Sun drying is done after careful fermentation and washing before delivery of the parchment coffee to the dry mill for secondary processing.

The executive authority of the New Kiriti Farmers Cooperative Societylies with seven elected members of the executive committee. Besides the management committee, the coop has a supervisory committee of 3 members who checkthe activities of the management committee and reports to the farmers in an annual meeting.

The society has a workforce of 19 permanent staff and an average of 25 seasonal workers. The wet mill production for 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 crop seasons was 87,675 kg and 177,392 kg of coffee cherry respectively.

Main crop: October/February, fly crop: April/May

Rainfall: 1200 -1400 mm per year. The rains are in two seasons, one short rain season and one long rain season. Main crop depends on long rains that come between April to June. Light crop receives adequate rain between October – November.

Cupping Notes:

Sugary mouthfeel, sparkling cola acidity and juicy sweetness with lime, cacao, caramel, sweet tomato, and passion fruit.

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