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Colombia San Sebastian

San Sebastian coffee plantation stands out on its prominent environment, preserving the biodiversity of fauna and flora, promoting social development and economic growth of our fellow country people. San Sebastian farm grows specialty coffee and maintains the quality of the coffee beans, influenced by sensory attributes and practical farming techniques that create a product with unique characteristics. 

The coffee beans are grown in the shade with organic methods, situated at a height of 1850m asl San Sebastian farm experiences its own microclimate allowing thermal amplitude between the day and night creating a coffee bean with highest mildness and unique special flavour.

Location: San Sebastian is located in the Santander region of Colombia. The coffee is grown at 1850 mts asl. Varietals include: Red and Yellow Colombia and Caturra. Harvest is from October to January as well as May to July. This is a hand picked, semi-washed and sun dried coffee that is a USDA Organic Certified Farm as well as Rain Forest Alliance Certified. 

Cupping Notes

"Red fruit notes, juicy medium acidity with flavours of sweet berry and chocolate. Overall good body with a clean balanced cup. Sweet after taste."


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