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Brazil Fazenda Recreio


Hands down the best farm in Brazil is the Recreio farm... well at least we think so. Each year we purchase a full container of their main crop for our blends but this year we are excited to bring to you a small micro lot from one of their special lots. 

Cupping Notes:

Sugar, Winey, Strawberry. 

Importer Farm Information:

Diogo Dias Texeira de Macedo is a fifth-generation coffee producer who has proved his dedication to quality by placing in seven (!) Cup of Excellence competitions. His training in agricultural engineering has helped him make improvements to the 100-plus-year-old farm and focus on specialty coffee production, which he has done since joining the family business as manager here in 2000. He installed new state-of-the-art equipment for wet processing, and has also invested in equipment that assists in tracking and maintaining the traceability of each individual lot.

The coffee is manually strip-picked using cloth strippers, and the ripe and un-ripe cherries are carefully sorted before the processing begins. Diogo produces Natural and Pulped Natural/Honey, and has been experimenting with different fermentation techniques as well as growing multiple varieties. (Maragogype is one type on the farm, but the family also has Yellow Catuai, Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon, Icatú, and Pacamara.)

Fazenda Recreio is a 605-hectare farm that has 240 hectares planted in coffee; the land that is not utilized for coffee is used for cattle ranching, as well as growing citrus trees and eucalyptus.

Country: Brazil

Region: Sao Sabastiao da Grama, Sao Paulo

Farm: Recreio

Variety: Maragogype

Altitude: 1290 masl

Processing Method: Natural 


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