Costa Rica Tres Milagros- Geisha - Filter Roast Only


After 10 years in business we decided to go all in on our single origin offerings in 2022! What better place to kick that off than our second Geisha! If you love the finer things in life then this is the coffee for you. 

Cupping Notes:

Jasmine, Tropical Fruits, Jammy. 

Importer Farm Information: 

The Tres Milagros farm (Three miracles) is a 105-hectare estate located in the famous Tres Rios region of Costa Rica. It is managed by Nelsyn Hernandez, a Honduran agronomic engineer and banana farmer by trade, who moved to Costa Rica in 2010 to revive the farm which had been abandoned for many years. Through mismanagement and neglect, the trees hadn't been renovated for many years and productivity was low. This is how the farm got the name Tres Milagros; it was going to need a miracle to save it.

Once taking stewardship of the farm, Nelsyn set about improving quality and productivity. Old, unhealthy trees were removed, and replaced with high yield, high quality varieties. A deliberate and strategic fertilisation and soil management policy was implemented, more qualified employees were hired to improve practices on the farm.

With these improved practices in place, Nelsyn looked to how processing could take thequality of his coffee to greater heights. In 2013, Nelsyn met Camilo Merizalde, the director of the Santuario Project and a decorated coffee producer in his native Colombia. With Nelsyn's agronomic background and Camilo's experience in post-harvest management, Tres Milagros has gone from strength to strength, producing some of the finest Costa Rican coffees we've ever purchased.

The farm itself is divided into two plots; Tobosí and Higuito, which are 43 and 62 hectares respectively. The Tobosí lot is relatively flat, intercropped with shade from nitrogen fixing Poro trees and Australian pines, which protect the coffee from blustering winds. In contrast, the Higuito is hillier and more exposed to the elements.

Nelsyn is now growing a number of high quality varieties, including Red Bourbon, Caturra, H3, Villa Sarchí, Ethiopian heirloom and Geisha. Under Camilo's guidance, the team at Tres Milagros are doing a number of progressive and experimental processing techniques, with fantastic results. 

Processing Information:

The famers harvest cherries above 24 brix's, and the cherries are soaked in water for 2 hours. They then put the coffee cherries into Anaerobic Cherry fermentation Tanks for 100 hours. Coffee is sun dried on African beds for 19 days. Final humidity stabilisation for 5 days under shade. Coffee is finally stored on grain pro bags.

    Country: Costa Rica

    Region: Tres Rios

    Farm: Tres Milagros

    Variety: Gesha

    Altitude: 1525 masl

    Processing Method: Anaerobic Natural 


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