Colombia San Luis

San Luis is an Organic certified farm. The farm has 42 hectares, of which 38 are dedicated to coffee and 3 hectares of protected forest, where 2 streams are born. 

San Luis has been in Omar’s family for 30 years, he is in charge of the whole process from the picking to the drying, to guarantee quality. He’s stumping and replanting some areas, experimenting with new varietals such as Geisha but also the old favourites like Bourbon, Caturra and Typica. They’re also planting shade trees that can double as commercial timber to help spread the income from the farm across a larger part of the year. San Luis being an organic farm means that the cherries mature at varying times, they need to pick every week and not in set cycles as in more chemically controlled ripening. Every week the pickers and farm managers select a colour of cherry that they will focus on that week. This selective, continuous picking is of course more expensive but it allows for a better more uniform cherry selection and higher cup quality. After picking, cherries are floated in water to eliminate any defects and then de-pulped and fermented for 24 hours. After a thorough washing, the coffee is soaked overnight and then dried in sheds where triple layered drying beds utilize the natural airflow, with staff consistently moving the parchment from the bottom rung and upwards as it dries. They use the water from the pulping to make fertilizer, but also go through a lot of organic store bought fertilizer. It’s made from chicken, horse and cow manure, coffee parchment, wood chippings, with added nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Omar feels somewhat at a disadvantage for not farming with chemicals but thinks that in a few years he’ll see the benefits from his work to improve the quality and productivity. The continuous process of investing to improve is never ending, but they feel they are turning a corner for quality, relationships and sustainability. The biggest challenge in going organic is to keep productivity up; besides wanting to be the best organic farm in Colombia for quality and production, they also need to be financially viable. It takes a long term commitment from all parties in the chain to make this happen.

Location: Libano, Tolima Altitude: 1650-1750 m.a.s.l. Temp.: 20° C, Max. 30° C, Min. 12° C Harvest periods: picking occurs year-round, but main harvest periods are April-July / September-December varieties: Caturra, typical, Colombia, Tabi, Bourbon 

Cupping Notes

"Delicate and sweet with tropical fruits, Honey and mango notes."


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