El Salvador Finca La Esperanza


This washed Pacamara lot comes to us courtesy of Rafael ALvares Hernandez of El Salvador's Chalatenango region. His farm, Finca La Espreanza, is a single, 9 year-old manza parcel planted with Pacas and Pacamara. When it comes to harvest and process, Rafael adheres to the following practice: 

Only ripe cherries are harvested and dupulped on the same day with a manual depulper. The coffee is then set to ferment for an average of 22-23 hours before being washed and placed on aised beds where it spends an average of 9 days drying. 


Location: Alotepec-Metapan. Altitude: 1380 m.a.s.l. Varieties: Pacamara. Processing Method: Washed. 

Cupping Notes

"Burnt sugar, green grape, lime, apricot and savoury with intense citric and tartaric acidity."


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