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Introducting Ethiopian Guji Mormora

January 23, 2017

Today we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our coffee arsenal at Kai Coffee; Ethiopian Guji Mormora. Every year we wait with anticipation for the new harvest coming out of Ethiopia. The ancient roots of Ethiopian coffee stem right back to the wild and crazy stories of coffees' first discovery by a small goat farmer in the 10th Century. As the story goes he was out tending to his flock one day and noticed his goats would trip out every time they ate the fruit of a certain suspicious plant. He cut off a branch and hiked it to the local monastery to see if the monks there knew what it was. To his horror they took one... Continue Reading →

Barista Training 101!!!

November 25, 2016

Barista Training Course Every week at Kai coffee we hold our Basic Barista Training Course which is now available to the public. For the budding home barista, people looking for future employment in specialty coffee or if you are just looking to learn more about the trade, this course is perfect for you! During our training course, we talk first about the journey green beans make from harvest, to roastery, to the cup, including the processes that are incredibly scrupulous from the moment the seed is planted into the ground. Understanding that coffee is an organic product and therefore quality and process matters a huge amount is the beginning of building a respect for the trade itself and therefore the... Continue Reading →


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