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Barista Training 101 Course

Every week at Kai coffee we hold our Basic Barista Training Course which is now available to the public. For the budding home barista, people looking for future employment in specialty coffee or if you are just looking to learn more about the trade, this course is perfect for you!

During our training course, we talk first about the journey green beans make from harvest, to roastery, to the cup, including the processes that are incredibly scrupulous from the moment the seed is planted into the ground. Understanding that coffee is an organic product and therefore quality and process matters a huge amount is the beginning of building a respect for the trade itself and therefore the practice of making coffee. Here at Kai, we aim to build baristas up with a love and respect for the coffee itself which will naturally carry through into the way they choose to prepare each brew.

Great coffee is all about controlling variables. During our training, we work through the theory of extraction, and how to achieve the perfect espresso. This is taught in a practical and hands on way using a top of the line La Marzocco Linea Classic and Mazzer Luigi Kony grinder. We then move onto texturing milk and pouring latte art, focusing on bringing the carefully prepared crema from the espresso to the top of the cup where it will be the first impression of the coffee that the customer receives. In this course we also work on improving workflow and speed, and general cleanliness, efficiency and consistency of each barista.

At the completion of the course students receive a manual which reiterates the theoretical components of the course, allowing them to go over notes when they choose to apply the information learnt in a practical situation. Our head trainer is friendly and approachable, with over 8 years experience in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you!