One of best parts of our job is getting to support entrepreneurs as they dream, prepare and create their ideal cafe or espresso bar. We have certainly been a part of a few here in Australia and would love to hear more about yours! 

In todays competitive specialty coffee market the most important decision you have in front of you is choosing the right roaster. At Kai Coffee, our real point of difference is that we ONLY roast specialty grade 84+ scoring coffees to perfection and donate $2 from every kilo sold to sponsor kids in the developing world. At the moment we sponsor 82 children virtually all over the world and the power of our brand is that people know our coffee is amazing but it also carries with it a story of making a difference in the world. We have a massive vision to sponsor 1,000 kids in the next 10 years and each of our cafes join that story simply by using our beans.

We also excel at making baristas. We’d love to meet up and discus your current knowledge and map out a plan to continually train, equip and encourage you and your staff as you progress in specialty coffee. Our beginner, advanced and latte art courses are all free of charge to our wholesale clients. You'll move from the basics of extraction, dosage, TDS and brew temp; to milk quality, texturing and pouring. In the advanced course we will look at flavors in-depth, cupping different coffees around the world, and learning the secrets of pulling out specific complexities in your shots by playing with several variables with grind, dosage and temperature. 

We can also offer expert advice on choosing the right espresso equipment. The machine and grinder you chose will not only affect the quality of coffee served but also set the standard for the type of cafe you want to be. We sell most brands out there and can offer suggestions and advice as needed. 

Servicing your machine is part of the deal for us. We will get you set up with the right filters for your water and come up every six months or so to give a full service to the machine and grinders. 

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