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Cold Brew Concentrate - Old School Blend

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Cold Brew has never been so easy!

Gone are the days when you needed to invest in a cold brew system like a Toddy or a drip tower. No more 24 hour wait times for a product which hopefully comes out decent.... We've created a new product that simplifies everything. Introducing: Cold Brew Concentrate in a wine box with spout! Hands down the best cold brew ever! 

Simply add one part Cold Brew and 3 parts water/milk/alt milk and some ice. Now you're living the cold brew dream! 

Each box is 1.5L of Cold Brew Concentrate which, using our ratio will yield 6L of Cold Brew. The applications are endless. Epic cold brew on a hot day. The perfect blend for your espresso martini at night. You can even boil hot water and dilute on a 1 to 2 ratio for a hot morning coffee that tastes like batch brew. 

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Great for:

* Daily Cold Brew drinking at home

* Espresso Martini's - Substitute full concentrate for espresso and get ready for an amazing Martini. 

* Camping - Throw it in the freezer and have the best coffee on your next trip

* Office Coffee Supply - Be a hero and supply cold brew for your staff - Chuck out the mess of a tiny espresso machine that confused everyone and didn't really work :) 

* Cafe Cold Brew Sales - We wholesale in packs of 4 to any cafe regardless of whether they use Kai as their main supply (email info@kaicoffee.com for more info). 

Shelf Life: 

Our Cold Brew concentrate lasts for up to 3 months as long as it stays in the refrigerator. 

Ordering Process:

You can order at any time. We have about 7 days from brew date to get it to you and in your fridge to maximize flavour so all order are shipped direct. 


All orders include free Express Post shipping. 

A Bit about the Blend:

Old School started out as a challenge. Our typical methodology at Kai is to roast each of the beans in our blends separately, and then blend those coffees together once they are all roasted. This theory is based on the concept that each bean needs a specific profile to pull out all of the goodness that makes that coffee unique. The old school methodology was to blend green un-roasted coffees together first, and then roast them all together. In our experiment we put together four of our favorite coffees from four different origins to see how it would taste. We were pleasantly surprise and once Old School hit the shelves it quickly became our most popular sellar to the public. 

Cupping Notes:

Milk Chocolate, Smooth, Sweet Berry. 

What's in the Blend: 

Ethiopia Guji Natural, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Colombia Cauca Gran Galoupe, Brazil Recreio Natural.